Mission Statement

Hull & Company, LLC is a wholesale insurance intermediary providing specialty products and unique solutions to the independent agency system. We are guided by strong ethics, honesty and professionalism. Our goal is to deliver insurance products at competitive terms, with financially sound markets, on a timely basis. We strive to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers, employees, insurance markets and shareholders. The result of our efforts is to make a profit for all concerned.


We are a lean, decentralized, highly competitive, profit-oriented sales and service organization comprised of people of the highest integrity and quality, bound together by clearly defined goals and prideful relationships.As a wholesale insurance intermediary, Hull & Co. provides specialty products and unique solutions exclusively for the retail agency system. We act as conduit between retail producer and the carefully selected markets that we represent as an Agent or Broker. We strive to deliver appropriate insurance products and solutions at the most competitive terms with financially responsible markets and fulfill the retailer’s service needs in the timeliest manner.
The best way is almost always the most difficult way. Long term success involves conflict with those who are not disciplined or committed. Our model is designed to allow those uncommitted undisciplined people to find other companies whose focus is not forever.
J. Hyatt Brown